What is a Micro-Current Facial?

Micro-current is low level of electrical current that mirrors the body's own natural current.
On a muscular level, the micro current acts like a personal trainer to tone and shorten muscle fibers. On the dermal level, Peter Pugliese, MD, a skin physiologist, who has writtenPhysiology of the Skin, notes that there is serious anti-aging going on.

In a five year study Dr. Pugliese has found a statistically significant increase in the production of collagen and elastin, in the skin's main structural proteins, which degrade with age.

Remove 10 years

Microcurrent facials are on the menu everywhere from Dr. Perricone's, you know him, the Dr. who wrote Forever Young and the Wrinkle Connection, New York flagship spa to Four Seasons hotels to Elizabeth Arden's Red Door salons.

Microcurrent machines emit a positive and negative current via two wands. When the wands are placed on the face a few inches apart, a circuit travels from one point to the other and stimulates the tissue in between.

Before and After
The current is sub-sensory, which means all one feels is the gliding of the rods and perhaps a tingle. What is going on is muscle re-education. There are 32 different muscles on the face that are manipulated during the average micro-current facial treatment. The average treatment series consists of 12 treatments over a 6 week period. Each treatment takes approximately one hour.